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Our chefs headed by Mr. Muoi and Mrs. Thuy, they cook with love with the freshest and highest quality ingredients.
Come and taste our cuisine!


Moonlight Sample For 2

Rice paper rolls, spring rolls, char-grilled prawns, satay chicken.

Goi Cuon – Rice Paper Roll (2)

Fresh Vietnamese roll with chicken, prawn and fresh herb in rice paper.

Also in Vegetarian

Tom Nuong – Char-grill prawn on skewers (4)

Char-grill prawn on skewers.

Ga Sate – Sate Chicken (3)

Grill marinated chicken breast fillet on skewers served with spicy sate sauce. (GF)

Canh Ga Nhoi Thit – Stuff Chicken Wings (2)

Boneless chicken wings stuff with chicken mince, mushroom, peas, vermicelli.

Bo la lot (4)

Grilled marinate beef mince wrap in betel leaf. (GF)

Sang Choy Bow (2)

Deliciously flavoured chicken mince wrapped in crisp lettuce leaves and eaten with your hands.

Cha Gio – Spring roll (3)

Homemade deep fried chicken spring roll deep in Nuoc mam.

Crispy Marinated Quail (1 whole)

Whole quail, served with black pepper sauce. (GF)

Salt And Pepper Chilli Squid

Light & fresh

Salad – Wrap and Roll

Papaya salad with chicken, prawn (GF)

Green papaya salad with herb, chicken, prawn with peanut crust. (GF)

Chicken Salad

With fresh herbs, peanut crush, chef’s dressing. (GF)

Warm Roasted Duck Salad

With mixed herbs and chili, chef’s dressing. (GF)

Beef Camp Fire

Self cook on the table served with rice vermicelli, fresh herb & flavour sauce. (GF)

Nem Nuong – Char grill Pork (3)

Marinated pork mince on skewers server with rice paper and our special chef sauce. (GF)

Ca Salmon Nuong – Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon served with pineapple, rice vermicelli.

Tasty dishes

Side & Noodle

Moonlight Mix Noodle (GF)

Rice vermicelli, grilled chicken, spring roll, fresh herb, peanuts, dried onions served with Vietnamese dressing.

Bun Bo La Lot

Rice vermicelli, grilled beef in betel leaf, fresh herb, peanuts, dried onions, served with Vietnamese dressing.

Hu Tieu Xao Bo – Beef Rice Noodles

Wok tossed flat rice noodles with tender beef and assorted vegetables.

Hu Tieu Xao Me – Pad Thai

Wok tossed thin rice noodle with egg, chicken breast, bean sprouts, garlic chives, dry shrimp in tamarind sauce.

Prawn Udon Noodle

White beans with roasted garlic and sliced prosciutto.

Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Pancake

Traditional pancake with chicken, prawn, bean sprout, fresh herb, Vietnamese dressing.

Pho (Beef or Chicken) – GF

Vietnamese beef noodle soup served with basil, bean shoots.

Pho (Prawn)

Vietnamese beef noodle soup served with basil, bean shoots, Prawns.

Chicken, Sausage, Prawn, Egg and Shallot Fried Rice

Chicken, sausage, prawn, egg and shallot and fried rice

Steam Rice (per serve)


Chicken Nuggets Chips

Fried Rice

Stir fried Chicken Breast, vegetable and oyster sauce with Rice

Stir fried Prawn, vegetable, with Rice

Beef Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup



Crispy Salmon Fillet (GF)

Served with Vietnamese Cucumber Salad. (GF)

Ca Kho To

Salmon or Barramundi fillet braised cook in clay pot. (GF)

Grilled salmon in red curry sauce

Grilled Fresh Aussie Barramundi with Ginger and Shallot

Chilli Soft Self Crab

Salt And Pepper Prawn

Chilli, Lemongrass and Coconut Milk with Prawn (GF)

Shiitake Mushrooms, Snow Peas baby corn with Prawn

Bo Luc Lac

Cube beef tossed in flaming wok with garlic, sesame and black pepper

Stir fried beef with lemongrass and chilli (GF)

Bo Kho

Vietnamese beef stew served with sweet potato and carrot.

Hanoi Caramel Pork Belly

Curry Coconut Lamb (GF)

Yellow Curry Chicken (GF)

Crispy skin spatchcock with black pepper sauce (GF)

Ga Don Thit

Boneless spatchcock stuffed with mushroom, lemongrass

Stir fried chicken breast with chilli and lemongrass (GF)

Stir fried chicken breast with vegetable and oyster sauce

Red duck curry (GF)

With pineapple, lemongrass and longan

Stir fried duck with ginger and shallot

Stir fried duck with chilli and basil

Asian Green with Oyster sauce

Steam vegetable with spicy peanut sauce (GF)

Salt and pepper Bean curd (GF)

Salt & Pepper Egg Plant

Shiitake mushroom, bean curd, snow pea and baby corn





Vietnamese fresh rice paper roll.
Grilled marinated beef with betel leaf.


Salmon filled braised cook in clay pot.
Green papaya salad with chicken and prawn.


Fresh coconut ice cream.



Vietnamese fresh rice paper roll.
Grilled marinated beef with betel leaf.
Stuffed chicken wings.
Sang choy bow.


Salt and pepper prawn.
Roasted duck salad.
Salmon filled braised cook in clay pot.
Bo luc lac –  Vietnamese beef.


Fried coconut ice cream.
Tea and coffee.



Moonlight Dessert Plate For Two

Sticky banana pudding, raspberry sorbet, lime sorbet, mango sorbet, seasonal fruit.

Trio Fruit Sorbet

Raspberry, lime, mango

Fresh Coconut Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream with Caramel sauce

Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate, strawberry, caramel toppings

Sticky Banana Pudding with Coconut Custard

Almond Baileys Ice Cream

Frangelico Lime Sorbet


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